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Friday, November 17, 2006


昨日、日本から 震電プロジェクト(福岡)に参加された方が 
ハワイでもボランティアに参加する為に お越しになりました。

前回の参加者が、また参加されることは 本当に嬉しい事です

さらに、前回の参加者が その後のプロジェクトに参加される事で

Yoko Nakao, a volunteer from Shinden Zero project in Fukuoka, has arrived in Honolulu yesterday. She came to help out Zero project.
I am happy to have her as a returnee.
It will be exciting to have a volunteer from the previous project, since she can share some of her experiences.

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant



At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

a picture of me and yoko! :)

im glad that i particpated in this project. it's been worthwhile. thank you for making it enjoyable.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Beverly and Yoko,

We have enjoyed having both of you in the gallery along with all the dedicated volunteers. It will be great to see all the pieces come together and lift the Zero off the ground in a 3-D form. Thank you!

Zero Project Hawaii Team


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