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Friday, November 10, 2006

展覧会 三日目

展覧会 三日目

一枚を展覧会会場で二日間かけて つくる間 たくさんの方が訪れ

ボランティアでは ハワイ島から飛び入りで3日連続参加の方や
様々な方の参加や協力によって プロジェクトが支えられている事を強く感じました。


The 3rd day:
We completed the back side of the main wing with a lot of help from the volunteers in these past two days; a person from the Big Island who came three days in a row, many local Nikkei people (they got plenty stories to talk about!), and some people who visited more than one time a day just to check how we were doing. I strongly feel that this Zero Project is supported and made possible by people like YOU;)

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant                                        


At 8:56 AM, Anonymous kaoru Nakamizu said...

Congratulations!How do you do.I am a Zero's volunteer of shiga modern art museum(japan).Our exhibition close tommrow.Mr.Mitsuya!Are you enjoying in Hawaii? I wish you every happiness.Good luck to Zero in Hawaii! I'm looking forward to reading this blog.I knew very precious life. Thank you.


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