Zero in Hawaii

Friday, November 24, 2006

100th Infantry Battalion ,100部隊

BII-120 has finally completed. This floats in the air and swings sideways.

I have visited the office where 100 veterans gathered this morning. An interesting story was shared by 2 veterans, Martin Tohara and Rikio Tsuda (picture: second from top). They have been to the war; even when they were injured, they escaped from the hospital and fought. After 3 times of doing so, their uniforms were taken away. They fought because they did not want their parents to be shamed. I found that this idea of humiliation was very same as what Japanese had during WWII. The story reminded me of a crew of the zero, Minoru Honda: He had undergone an operation for appendicitis and was in the hospital when an air-raid alarm went on. As soon as he heard the alarm, he left the hospital unconsciously and fought in the zero. While he was fighting, his intestines were coming out from his stomach. What is common in Martin and Rikio are that they pass down what they learned from their parents to the next generations and they are proud of being able to share their experience. I felt that they preserve the way of thinking before WWII more than Japanese today.


興味深かったのは、写真のお二人(Tohara MartinとTsuda Rikioさん)のお話で、戦地へ行って、少々怪我をしても負けずに戦ったそうで、病院から抜け出して、前線に戻ったそうです。とうとう3回目には、戦闘服を隠されてしまった。どうして、そんなに駆り立てられたかというと、両親の恥になると考えたのです。この恥の観念は、まったく日本人のメンタリティーではありませんか。

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Zero floats in the air/零戦浮く!

Gallery does not open on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, we worked hard so as to complete working on the Zero night before. The body finally got lifted up last night around 11:30. There are some parts that are not perfect, but it looks good for now. Even though there are frames inside of the body in order to let it float in the air, I think it will not be evident that there are frames, which is a very critical point for this scripture.
I am grateful for those volunteers and gallery attendants who worked till late at night.


今日はThanksgiving day.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Katsu comes back to Hawaii./中ハシ,再びハワイにやってきました


I have returned from Japan on 18th after finishing the burning of Ohka Zero project in Japan.
As soon as I came back, we finished the engine part. Mr. and Mrs. Uratani taped the part together from the inside. The air conditioner was out of order today so the gallery was really hot. Hence the inside of the engine part was very tight and stuffy. It was even hotter than the outside and it was a hard operation. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Uratani.
Starting from today, we will be lifting the entire body of the Zero. I would like to lift it a little from the floor. This will require a lot of technique, since there needs to be a frame in the airplane. This is a very hard part of the project.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reconstructing Memories

Friday, November 17, 2006


昨日、日本から 震電プロジェクト(福岡)に参加された方が 
ハワイでもボランティアに参加する為に お越しになりました。

前回の参加者が、また参加されることは 本当に嬉しい事です

さらに、前回の参加者が その後のプロジェクトに参加される事で

Yoko Nakao, a volunteer from Shinden Zero project in Fukuoka, has arrived in Honolulu yesterday. She came to help out Zero project.
I am happy to have her as a returnee.
It will be exciting to have a volunteer from the previous project, since she can share some of her experiences.

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant


Monday, November 13, 2006

主翼、機体下部 完成

今日は 日曜日ということもあり

私が直接指示しなくても ボランティアの方たち同士だけで 
「あーでもない こーでもない」と話し合って 丁寧に作業なさる様子は

Since it was Sunday, total of 10 volunteers were working on the Zero today. Everyone was talking to each other trying to figure out how to do it without me telling what to do. This is a part of this project's concept which is making a relationship between people to reconstruct their memories and I felt good about this.

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Old newspaper

今日は祭日だということもあり たくさんのボランティアの方がおこしになりました

ボランティアではないのですが Hawaiiの大戦中の非常の古い新聞をも持ってこられて
「悪いニュースなので、ZEROと一緒に燃やしてほしい 」
とおっしゃる方が おこしになりました

Today, we had many volunteers since it was a holiday. One person brought an old newspaper during the WWII, and asked us to burn it with the Zero because it was a "bad" news.

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant

Friday, November 10, 2006

展覧会 三日目

展覧会 三日目

一枚を展覧会会場で二日間かけて つくる間 たくさんの方が訪れ

ボランティアでは ハワイ島から飛び入りで3日連続参加の方や
様々な方の参加や協力によって プロジェクトが支えられている事を強く感じました。


The 3rd day:
We completed the back side of the main wing with a lot of help from the volunteers in these past two days; a person from the Big Island who came three days in a row, many local Nikkei people (they got plenty stories to talk about!), and some people who visited more than one time a day just to check how we were doing. I strongly feel that this Zero Project is supported and made possible by people like YOU;)

Toshihiko Mitsuya
Project Assistant                                        

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thank you

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the exhibition and to Katsu’s Zero Project. I’m very pleased with the progress that has been made with the Zero, which has exceeded everyone’s expectations. I also want to extend special thanks to those volunteers who’ve dedicated time over-and-above what was expected of them, specifically, Abel. Likewise I want to express gratitude to Yoko who has also helped to construct the Zero and also designed the catalogue for the exhibition. In addition, Aki, has been extremely helpful in building the Zero (she got quite quick at piecing photographs together) and who has also been of tremendous help in translating blog entries.

I’m back in San Francisco for the time being (I had to come back and teach), but I look forward to coming back in December to complete the cycle/process of the Hawaii Zero Project.

Aaron Kerner

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


一部を残して 解体され

展覧会中 再びボランティアと共に制作される事になります

Today was the first day of this exhibition. The Zero was assembled in a life size plain and displayed in the gallery for the opening reception. Some parts of the Zero will be disassembled again to be constructed with volunteers during the exhibition.

Project assistant
Toshihiko Mitsuya

Monday, November 06, 2006


今日は Reconstructing Memories オープニングレセプションです。

この平たくつぶれたような形のZEROは この日 一日だけの展示になりました

We had our opening reception for the exhibition of Reconstructing Memories today. The flat Zero (picture) was temporarily displayed in the gallery only for today.

Project assistant
Toshihiko Mitsuya

Friday, November 03, 2006

2 more days



ボランティアの中には 英語の苦手な私の代わりに手順を説明してくれる方や通訳してくれる方、

Hello, I'm Toshihiko Mitsuya. I just got here a couple days ago to take over the project for Katsu. Since he is away, I will take over this blog also. I will try my best to describe what is going on in the gallery;)

The cockpit, the tail unit, and the rear half of the body of the Zero were completed today, and the whole construction process is going really well and getting closer to completion. It should be ready anytime, and most of it will be completed for the opening on this comming Sunday, the 5th of November.

I see a number of really diligent people coming back to particitape in this Zero Project as much as they can, like the people who's translating for me (I'm not really good at English). People have been coming in even though they are not shceduled. I'm really excited.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

19 Volunteers + α 




I returned to Japan for my other project going on in Shiga prefecture...I JUST got home actually.

The Zero Project in Hawaii is going so well and so fast. Yesterday, all the taping process was finished by the volunteers who came in the morning and around lunch time everything was done. This is amazing! My other volunteers who are helping me in Japan were a little dissapointed because they were planning to go to Hawaii to help those in Hawaii but there isn't much more to do ...

From this point we are starting to construct the body of the Zero. Unfortunately, we are going to have to minimize the number of volunteers to 5 at the most during this phase of the construction process. I'm really sorry if this is dissapointing to volunteers scheduled over the next couple of weeks, and I appreciate your understanding and patience.

By the way, we had 19 volunteers (and maybe even more!) yesterday. Thank you very much for your participation and interests in my Zero Project!

Please feel free to write comments regarding the project, share stories you had with other volunteers, or anything else you might like to include. I hope to hear from you soon!

p.s. I will be back in Hawaii on the 19th.