Zero in Hawaii

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Second Visit with Jane Komeiji


Again, Jane visited the gallery with her notes. She used these notes when she had an orientation for Japanese high school students. While I was reading through her notes, I was impressed by these finely described histories of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii and their situation, and the transition of their status through time. It was obvious that they worked really hard in harsh conditions and under great discrimination. I see some similarities in these experiences and my Zero Project.

Since we started taping pictures together just 4 days ago, 80% of the process has already been done by volunteers. UH faculty and staff, and all other people participating in this project, have already put together the top of the left wing; the wing is lifes-size. I was expecting the typical easy-going local attitude, but it was remarkable that many people (of course many Nikkei people) worked really hard together. This is the first time ever that the project has gone so well and so fast.


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The Zero looks even better in real life-- pictures don't do it justice.


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